Kids Game Hub Studio  is Teaching English to youngsters presents several problems and appears to be a daunting endeavor. It is tough to teach English to your children since they have no prior understanding of the language. Teaching kids simple English terms in their early years may aid in the development of a good foundation for a language.

To make your job and life simpler, we create enjoyable and engaging basic English learning games for toddlers to learn to speak simple and basic English words.

Your youngster just needs only one game to create a solid English foundation and enhance their vocabulary!!!

Interactive games to help your child learn English and expand his or her vocabulary:
  1. Alphabet letter sound activities for youngsters to learn the English alphabet are available for free.
  2. English number learning games
  3. Learn to count from 1 to 20.
  4. English phonics game for learning the days of the week
  5. Learn English Fruit Names with Pictures
  6. Learn about vegetable names in English with images.
What more English words can your child learn from our English kids game?
  1. Names of several excellent and delectable culinary dishes
  2. Many sorts of clothing with images and names
  3. Many gorgeous flower names and images
  4. English vehicle names with photos
  5. Illustrations and names for several bird species
  6. English animal names with photos
  7. Shapes for kids to learn about various shapes and their names
  8. Understand colors in English
  9. A simple approach to learn about flags of other nations with names.
  10. Learn the names of dry fruits and sports with illustrations.
  11. Names of many sorts of musical instruments
  12. Alternative job title in English
In addition to the English learning game, your child may play colorful and enjoyable learning activities like colors, drawing, and shapes.
  1. A magical and colorful fireworks game for children.
  2. Color matching activities for toddlers that are simple to play
  3. A fantastic pixel sketching game for kids
  4. Item detection game
  5. Size identifier game to understand sizes
  6. Last but not least, a shapes game for children.

We created this English kids game so that parents may spend quality time with their children, strengthening connections and making them feel valued and loved.

Download the Kids Games to Learn English app for your children today to make English learning easier.


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